Care for and Preserve Oil Paintigs

care for and preserve oil paintigs

Tips for the care of the oil paintings

The first thing we must know is like move it from its place of origin to our home, without suffering any damage.

If you are in a frame, take sides with both hands, it is not appropriate to use the wire. We must avoid touching the painted surface.

When we support it on the floor, we will do it with care not to bump or mark any of the tips.

If the journey is very long, it is convenient to place cardboard or paper wood on both sides and then wrap it in plastic bubbles (that is used in the packaging) and secure with a string or Ribbon.

It hangs the painting oil with two hooks for pictures, able to withstand its weight without problems. Use two nails instead of one, will facilitate the correct position of the box.

Its location is also important, must not be placed in a place where the rays of the Sun give you directly, because this will alter the tone of the colors. On the other hand, if we put it in a very dark place, oil paintings color darkens.

Very high temperatures are not allies of the oil paintings, so it isn't convenient place you lights very close, the ideal would be to focus more close is 1.50 or 2 metres away

We must also avoid storing or saving it in damp locations.

Dusting is a task that we must perform once in a while. To perform this task, nothing better than a soft-bristle brush, with which we will remove gently dust deposited on it.

Under no circumstances should we wet the oil painting for cleaning.Back of the box, must also be controlled, since they can "install" insects. If we noticed small holes in the wood, the presence of larvae, or sawdust powder, please consult a specialist as eradicate them. If the painting is close to others, review them all and remove those that are infected, so they do not spread to the rest.

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